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Woman King Season 5 – Nigerian Nollywood Movie


Woman King Season 5 – Nigerian Nollywood Movie: This unequaled epic movie centers on Umuoba Ogidi Kingdom. A kingdom popularly known for her Ebuluje Ebuluna festival. A festival of able bodied men that defines who is the man and who is not. The men carry the sacred Ogidi from one end of a decorated street to the other end dancing. Whoever succeeds in parading the sacred Ogidi stands a chance to become the king. In Umuoba Ogidi. Any man who has not lifted or paraded the sacred Ogidi can never emerge as king.

STARRING: Cha Cha Fanni, Ugezu J. Ugezu, Sam Obiagu, Phil Daniels Aniedo, Sedateur Saviour, Geraldine Obi.
DIRECTOR: Ugezu J. Ugezu.
COMPANY: OssyKing Movies Ind. Ltd.
YEAR: 2018

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